Steve Jobs would say that the secret is “to hire smart people and get out of their way.”

Worried about strategy?

It’s what we do.

About us

At MEDIUM LV, we’re a team of marketers who also happen to be , forward-thinkers and innovators. We understand the necessity of technology today and are always among the first to champion digital disruption, support change-makers and adopt new ways of working smarter. Our team of technology evangelists put their passion to work for our clients everyday to launch campaigns that drive their value propositions home.

Our Values

At MEDIUM LV, we believe people are a business’s most important asset. That’s why we rally around a set of core values, which ensure our whole team is rowing in the right direction as one. With a culture built on these powerful attributes and concepts, we’re able to attract and retain top marketing talent, stay productive and successful and lift each other up to achieve great things for ourselves and our clients.

Crafted by looking inward at what makes our individual MEDIUM LV’s so unique, these core values reflect the positive attitudes and work environment we’ve encouraged and the company culture we’ve shaped over the years. Each value defines who we are as individuals and who we are together as a team.

We’re dedicated to our work and focused on achieving our clients’ objectives—no matter what it takes. We get stuff done and do what we say, fostering an environment of trust without fear.

We’re passionate and proud of our work, naturally going above and beyond. At our core, we’re growth-oriented, eager to build MEDIUM LV and grow as marketing professionals. Striving for excellence also means we’re lifelong learners with a thirst for knowledge.

We’re honest with ourselves, our team, and our clients, not afraid to be vulnerable and ask for help when we need it. We’re fair, trustworthy, and have integrity in our words and actions. We also work hard, recognizing that excellent work is the reason MEDIUM LV exists and is what propels us forward.

We’re collaborative and recognize the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We’re helpful, respectful, and have fun together. We’re also drama-free, professional, and have emotional intelligence.

We’re adaptable and eager to try new things that benefit our clients. We’re positive, pleasant to be around, and are always happy for others’ achievements. We’re also resourceful—the unknown is not daunting for a MEDIUM LV.

We know our stuff and possess a quiet confidence, but we also realize that we don’t know it all so we welcome the ideas and input of others. We detest arrogance and aren’t boastful—it’s just not our nature.

"Ideas are only as good as the execution. We plan, develop, polish, and deliver a quality product that captures attention and provokes an action that can be measured in gasps, shares, and most importantly, results."

Our Services

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Perfect for most brands to start prospecting and retargeting customers.

Google & Youtube Advertising

Our campaigns reach prospects actively searching out keywords relevant to your business.

Email Marketing

A/B testing, template designs, email flow creation, abandoned cart automations and more.

Squeeze Page Creation & Management

This is very important to many lead generation brands and we focus highly on CRO.

Creative House

Our creative team is what we're known for. We make amazing ads.

Copywriting That Converts

Skilled team to craft your brands message in a way that informs and sells.

Custom Reporting

We love working with marketing teams to provide weekly + monthly campaign reporting.

Exhaustive Testing

Whether A/B testing emails or images for ads, this is the key to every clients success.


MEDIUM LV’s SEO product helps increase organic search traffic back to your website while building visibility on search engines.


PPC management saves you time and increases traffic to your website.

Content Marketing

Provide your target market with valuable, educational content that will help them answer their biggest questions.

Lead Generation

We’ll also help you find specialized lead generation platforms for your industry in order to convert more leads into long-term, loyal customers.


Business Acumen

We understand business and complex industries, and will understand yours too.

Integrated Program

Our strategic approach integrates and optimizes all channels and tactics.

Fast Quality

We consistently achieve results through efficient processes and top talent.

Our Location


23 - 28 Kurmajas prospekts
LV-3401 Liepaja

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